DualSim Pro ROM pour ThL W200

This is ROM for ThL W200, a DualSim Pro ROM which is a classical android UI with some apps included and optimized for european countries.
Default language is french but you can change because of Multi-language version.

What is include in the package ?
There are the recovery flashable with MobileUncle. There are MobileUncle APK include. There are the ROM include.

Log :
English :
- Installation script for CWM optimized
- build.prop optimized
- DualSim Pro Logo in boot (not the boot-animation)
- French language by default.
- French AZERTY Input keyboard by default
- ROM rooted with root manager SuperSU
- Default file manager removed.
- SetupWizard APK installed, configuration manager at first boot up.
- Solid Explorer APK installed compatible with root pour file managing
- APK installation ColorNote
- Mise a jour YouTube

French :
- optimisation script d'installation CWM
- Optimisation du build.prop
- Logo DualSim Pro au démarrage (pas le boot-animation)
- Mise en français par défaut.
- Clavier android configurer en français AZERTY par défaut
- ROM rooté avec le gestionnaire de root SuperSU
- Suppression de gestionnaire de fichier.
- Installation de l'apk SetupWizard, Gestionnaire de configuration au premier démarrage.
- Installation APK Solid Explorer compatible root pour la navigation dans les fichiers
- Installation ColorNote
- Mise a jour YouTube
Download: THL W200 ROM DualSim PRO build 29.12.13