GPS is one of most important feature on smartphone, you will never lost with your phone. The Google Map and other navigation softwares always provide direction service on your phone. The GPS features also is available at most cheap China phones which built-in MediaTek(MTK) processor. The GPS chip is integrated to their main processor. EPO (Extended Prediction Orbit) is one of MTK’s innovative proprietary off-line server based A-GPS technology. It supports up to 30 days satellite orbit prediction, which can be used to greatly enhance user experience by improving GPS Time To First Fix (TTFF).

Most users of China phone are comfused that how to setup GPS on their smartphone.

1. Access Setting > Location services, select most checkbox to make EPO working.

THL phone THL phone

2. Access EPO settings:

If you select Auto download, the phone will download file when your phone connected with internet. You can can download the EPO file by click Download button.

When you finished all these setting, you can use GPS features on your THL mobile phone.