1: THL mobile phone screen appears flowers screen?
A: if no collision or extrusion, screen flowers screen may be related to the software or the third party software you are using. Recommend that you open the other interface or software, if there is no flowers screen phenomenon, is the software problem you use; if it is not a software problem, it may be the system version, it is recommended that you try to download the latest firmware updates.

2: Why is charging slowly.
A: Battery is the top 80% speed relatively quickly, 80% to 100% "value just valuation" belongs to the saturated impulse is relatively slow; while charging, turn off the data connection, WIFI, or charging speed will slow, the data line and the charger will match, try not to mix; charging equipment damage damp work will influence.

3: THL Mobile Phone taskbar does not see how to do?
A: Does your phone have to use third-party desktop software, if yes, you try to set the desktop software. If not, you may need to reset the phone to factory defaults or to download the flash Package on the official website, all personal data will be lost.

4: Reset the DRM is what mean?
A: Reset DRM that is to restore the factory parameters, not the system update, but may cause system instability, If the reset DRM instability can download website upgrade firmware upgrade.

5: THL Mobile download software when prompted: phone memory or SD card memory shortage, what is the solution?
A: Because the memory coming full, and the software is generally the default installation path for the body memory, it is recommended to uninstall the body that are not commonly used software, or through 91 assistant computer version, the software installed on the SD card to solve.

6: Use GPS why not positioning?
A: 1 To determine on A clear unimpeded condition using the atmosphere. Like, such as ceilings, roofs and weather factors can affect GPS performance. 2 Try to move to be able to see the full 360-degree area of ​​the sky. Towering buildings and walls slightly affect GPS performance.

7: Use GPS navigation is to charge?
A: GPS use without charge, but in some special circumstances may produce A small amount of traffic, such as when you open the GPS and assisted A-GPS generate traffic, or satellite signal when the difference may be connected via a data signal search satellite signals are there may generate traffic.

8: When you turn on the camera error, suggesting that "can not connect" should be how to deal with?
A: if you restart the phone also can't solve, need to download latest official firmware update.

9: How to adjust the gravity sensor?
A: 1, System Settings - Display - G-Sensor calibration can be 2, in case the phone off, press the volume down key + power button "Do not let go" after the shock release the power button, keep holding the volume down key, after waiting for a while to enter the menu screen, select ITEM TEST> power button to confirm - select G> sensor> calibration> press the power button to confirm> select Do calibration "40"> press the power button to confirm> press the volume key+ to return> select reboot, press power button to confirm, automatic restart mobile phone.

10: How to Use an HDMI cable to the phone streaming media to your TV or computer play?
A: Currently ThL phone only THL W2 supports this feature, to achieve the mobile phone media play on TV or computer via a HDMI cable, and is equipped with a MHL adapter, and perform the following operations. 1. Please connect the power plug and microUSB power supply line, and then microUSB power supply terminal insert microUSB interface on the MHL adapter, the power plug into a power outlet. 2. Insert the plug of the microUSB on the MHL adapter microUSB port of the phone. 3. Use HDMI video line will MHL adapter and your output device "television or computer connection. 4. Will your output device "television or computer" adjustment to the HDMI signal. 5. Open the media file on the phone. Note: mobile phone standard does not contain the MHL adapter, need to purchase another.

11: how do I put on other mobile phones import contacts to ThL phone?
A: 1, can be imported into the ThL phone via the SIM card. "Address book Settings - import/export function", 2 can be achieved through a number of third-party PC end phones supporting software import contacts.

12: Insert the SD card, but the phone prompts no SD card, how do?
A: Go to System Settings> System> SD card, to see if uninstalling the SD card, as has been uninstalled, should have an option to install the SD card, click on it to recover. If you click here to install the invalid, following a total capacity of SD card and so is not available, so suggest to take out SD card, through the card reader connected to the PC, PC can identify, if the PC does not recognize the SD card itself failures; If the PC can be identified, it is recommended for SD cards try to access the phone if it is still valid in order to restore the factory settings, heavy brush full ROM package to try to resolve this operation will clear the phone memory data, please make the appropriate data backup operations before.

13: THL mobile phone to download application installation to operation method of SD card?
A: Currently cannot directly via mobile phone to download an application to the SD card, can use the computer to install the 91 mobile phone assistant to achieve, the installation of 91 assistants on the computer, open 91 aides in the upper right corner to open the Settings - Software installation - application installation location - Install to SD card, on the phone need to open the USB debugging (settings - applications - development - USB debugging on the hook)., subsequent installation of 91 assistants from the computer application will be installed directly onto the SD card.

14: Why cell phone memory insufficient 4G?
A: Due to hardware manufacturers and software vendors is not the same, leading to 4GB hardware at software level is actually less than 4GB. In addition to our phone memory partition, Recovery, cache, etc. are occupied by the ROM, in this case, the remaining close to 3GB, is normal.

15: ThL mobile phone how can obtain the ROOT?
A: ThL mobile phone does not provide ROOT access, ROOT access will bring some risks and after ROOT cannot enjoy ThL manufacturer three packs of services, so the ThL mobile phone ROOT is not recommended.

16: Graphic lock password forgotten how to deal with?
A: note: this step operation can cause your phone data loss, please consider carefully; This action for all models; Method one: factory settings restored by the following engineering mode; 1, the phone off; 2, press and hold the volume button Down key (Note: THL W3 phone press the volume key up) and then press and hold the power button to boot, until there is a vibrating alert, loose volume keys and power button; 3, a triangle or a small robot Andrews Subject screen appears, press Click on the button to light up the volume key selection screen; 4, please use the volume key down to select "wipe data / factory reset", after selected, press the power button to confirm; 5, and then choose which one and only "Yes", please Use the Volume keys to choose, select and press the power button to confirm; 6, the fifth step after the operation is completed, and then select "reboot system now", and then press the power button to confirm, you can unlock the phone automatically after a successful restart. Method 2: in the official website to download selection models corresponding to upgrade package to solve.

17:  Wireless network tip is connected, but unable to get to the Internet. What should I do?
A: 1, to verify the residential broadband situation: Some residential broadband may be only limited access to a computer terminal, such as setting Mac binding, etc.; can contact the operator to check whether this restriction; 2, verify the public network conditions: at McDonald's, airports other scenes, visit the website need to obtain additional authorization codes username or content;, otherwise there may not be connected; General public network without encryption, open any network connection, will automatically jump to the corresponding page for the wireless device mobile terminal access authentication 3, to verify whether the wireless AP has access to the Internet: Recommendation: Log Home Router "Router landing approach, please see the bottom of the router, or router manual" to see if the WAN port on the state of the normal operating state, if there is correctly displayed outside the network IP and DNS; or use other android devices connected to this router, see if access to the Internet; if other devices are not online, it means that the router no connection to external networks.

18: How to extend battery life?
A: To maximize battery life, follow the simple prompts. 1. The phone does not use WLAN, Bluetooth and GPRS capabilities, disable the phone's WLAN, Bluetooth and GPRS. 2 You can click on the main interface of the phone menu> Settings> Display> Brightness, brightness adjustment here to try to set the phone to a lower brightness. 3. Automatically turn off the screen time to extend the phone's standby time is shortened when the phone is idle. Depending on your needs on the phone screen by pressing the main menu> Settings> Display> screen set standby. 4 Try to use the adapter charger to charge your phone, because the lower the voltage USB charging use. 5 Try to install third-party software to uninstall. Because these software THL has not been tested and may affect the performance of the phone, including battery life and so on. 6 Check to see if there is no need to use any applications running in the background. Press Menu> Settings> Applications> Running services on the main screen. This screen displays all the running applications, tap running application, select Stop these procedures. 7 You may need to check the signal strength in your area. Because when the signal is unstable, the phone will continue to search a stronger signal, resulting in shorter battery life.

19: Mobile phone causes of fever?
A: ThL mobile phone use graphite cooling film,is A kind of heat dissipation effect is very good heat dissipation material, when the phone is charging, because there are a lot of current flowing through "charging current has a 1 Amp", body and the battery will be around 46 degrees is normal; while playing games, watching movies at high speed because the phone cpu phone fever, heat concentrated in the area around the camera, is a normal phenomenon, which the computer is the same reason;  another fever phenomenon is associated with the surrounding environment, because the environment is higher in the summer, will feel the mobile phone body feeling temperature is a little high, please rest assured that the use of.

20: GPS Problem?
A: Look here: http://www.thlmobilestore.com/news/the-regular-problems-of-the-thl-phone/