Nowadays  there is a the fact that mobile phones ready to load 64 architecture processor, however, before this to launch true eight -core processor MediaTek MT6592 is a major event this year .therefore a number of domestic brands Announced they opt for the program and will be launched equipped with MTK6592 eight -core smartphone , in fact , almost all of the products are made of MTK program of thl phone naturally not behind the times, its eight -core product THL W11 Monkey King 2 , the preceding time has been related design sketches appeared , and now re-transmission of good news that the Monkey King II system information and internal motherboard has also been made ​​public.

THL W11 Monkey King 2

Between the image above to see a clear words of MT6592, but the bottom number, and peripheral chips are relatively vague, which differ with few days ago  the exposure of Mlais eight -core mobile phone motherboard,at back of THL Monkey King II Code MT6592 main chip,there  does not have “V” word .

In addition a system information of antutu pictures appear together , an important part of the treated, it just stay out of the “mt6592_phone”  , although this does not mean anything , but considering the THL phone before did not launch a built-in virtual key design of products over the screen, so the credibility of the eight-core phone is still relatively high .

It is reported that the THL Monkey King II will continue THL W11 Monkey King  HD camera characteristics , and other aspects of performance may be better than its predecessor , but it is silent about the configuration , more news about the THL W11 Monkey king 2 ,please look forward to next message