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ThL W8 Android 4.1 Smart Phone MT6589 5.0 inch HD screen 8GB ROM 3G GPS 3.2M HD front camera White

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this is truly a phone worth considering Review by Charles
ThL W8 is a nice handset that has some awesome features and specs. this is truly a phone worth considering. Heres some of the specs:

1.2 GHz Processor
1280 x 720 Display
Android 4.1
8 MP Camera with LED Flash


ThL W8 is gives the phone a nice sturdy and durable feel. For me i love it, because it makes the phone unique and it makes it stand-out against the straight bar phones today. One thing you will notice instantly about the phone is how light and thin it is. Its just mind blowing.


The Camera might not be the latest, but it still takes decent shots. The 8 MP camera is equiped with THL's Image Sense Chip which helps takes images faster, and it does help alot. Indoor shots were a little grainy, but still were okay. Outdoor shots were great, although not as detailed, colors were very bright, and overall nice. The camera also has continuous shooting, which lets you take a continuous range of pictures, and you decide which one is the best photo, and the phone will delete the rest, saving only the picture you took. I found that feature pretty fun to use. The camera also has a wide-range of modes like Low light, panorama, HDR, and more. The camera can also record in up to 720p HD, which looked fantastic. Videos were very crisp and detailed. Another thing i liked about the camera was that while your taking a video, you can also take pictures at the same time. Overall this camera has a lot of neat features that it brings to the table, from continous shooting, to the video recording this camera is marvelous.


The phone comes equiped with a 1.2 GHz processor. Doing basic day-to-day tasks was smooth and fast, but going through the web, and playing heavy graphic apps tend to make the phone lag alot. At times i found the phone freezing. Basic web searches seemed to make the phone feel overwhelmed and stressed out. So if you don't use the web a whole lot or play heavy intensive apps, you should be fine.


The screen is something you have to see to believe. The screen is absolutly fantastic. The screen is 5" setting it above the the iphone 4 and 4s, and just a smidge below the iphone 5. So for those of you who think phones are getting too big these days, this could be the phone for you. The screen wasn't to large too hold in one hand, and i can touch all 4 corners of the screen using my thumb. Colors were vibrant and true-to-life, while text looked clear and sharp. Playing games and watching movies look great, and the viewing angles on this phone are spectacular.


The phone comes with Android 4.1. You get a decent amount of wallpapers and widgets to add to your 5 only screens. With Android 4.1 you get some of googles products preloaded, which include google+, google search, and access to the google play store.
(Posted on 2/5/13)
good phone Review by Billy
I was still using an old flip phone for the longest time and finally decided to purchase a smartphone. going on about 5 months now. Everything works as it should and we really have no complaints. The battery charging issue seems to have been fixed long ago; the only issue I had was with a bad charging cord, which has nothing to do with this phone. I came from an THL first generation and actually chose this phone based on the fact that I loved my W8 but didn't particularly like its bulk. This one fits much better in my pocket. I'm not a heavy texter or phone internet user, so the screen size is adequate for my needs. I think this deal is hard to beat, especially since this service requires no contract. I highly recommend this phone! (Posted on 2/5/13)
Awesome phone Review by Michael
I always thought that iPhone is top of the game - I mean, Apple products usually are, right?

Well, I was looking for a gift for my wife's birthday and I really didn't like price of unlocked iPhone. I'm not US citizen so I can't get it through contract, so my only option was to buy it for full price and lets be honest - it's greatly exaggerated. So, I opted to instead switch to Android phone.

It took me awhile to choose which phone to buy and in the end, Inspire won with it's easily affordable price. Seriously, you can buy 2 of these for a price of 1 iPhone! And that is actually what I did - I bought one, used it for a week .

Lets be honest, phone is perfect. Yeah, battery could be stronger (get yourself 2000 mAh or stronger one for roughly $10), software could be slightly more polished but in all honesty, this is a 5 star phone.


* HUGE screen! And with high resolution, wow!
* Easy to customize (software and hardware [i.e. stronger battery]). Take that, iPhone!
* PRICE! Did I mention that you can buy 2 of these for the price of 1 iPhone? Seriously? Steve, you've been awesome guy, may you rest in peace, but your products have been greatly overpriced.
* 8 MP camera! (not the best quality but surprisingly good)


* BIG! Seriously, forget about carrying it in your pocket. This is mini tablet, I kid you not. I still love it. :)

For me, this is easy decision - this phone trumps anything else in the market when it comes to price/specs ratio. Yeah I know, everybody wants iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S2 etc, but seriously, they can't really offer you much more considering huge price gap between them and this phone. (Posted on 2/4/13)

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