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ThL W5 Android 4.0 Smart Phone MTK6577 Dual core 4.7 Inch IPS Screen 1GB RAM 3G GPS White

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ThL W5 Android 4.0 Smart Phone MTK6577 Dual core 4.7 Inch IPS Screen 1GB RAM 3G GPS White

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ThL W5 Android 4.0 Smart Phone MTK6577 Dual core 4.7 Inch IPS Screen 1GB RAM 3G GPS White
ThL W5 Android Phone Basic Information:
Model: ThL W5
Band: 2G:GSM 850M/900M/1800M/1900MHZ
         3G:WCDMA 850/2100MHz

Service Provide:Unlocked

ThL W5 System:
OS: Android 4.0.4
CPU: MTK6577, Cortex A9 dual core
Storage: 4GB
ThL W5 Android Phone Screen:
Screen Size: 4.7 Inch
Display reulotion: 1280 x 720 pixels
Screen Color: 16000K Colors

ThL W5 Android Phone Support Format:
Ringtones Type:Polyphonic/MP3
Video File Format:3GP/MPEG4
Audio File Format: MP3/WAV/AMR/AWB
Image File Format:JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG/GIF
E-book Format:TXT/CHM/DOC/HTML
FM Radio:Yes, earphone needed
Earphone Port:    3.5mm
Card Extend: Support TF card up to 32GB extended

ThL W5 Android Phone Data Transfer & Connectivity

Data transfer:USB/Bluetooth
Mobile internet:WAP/WIFI

ThL W5 Android Phone General Details:
Dual Cameras, front camera: 2.0MP, back camera: 8.0MP with flashlight
and auto focus; up to 3264 x 2448 pixels

Language : Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa melayu, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Arab, Thai, Chinese (simp)
Phonebook: 500
WIFI:Yes, 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth:Bluetooth 2.0
Multi-Touch:Yes, 5 point touch
Dimensions: 136 x 69.8 x 10.3mm
Net Weight(Including battery): 157g
Other Feature:   3G, GPS, Play Store, Flash Player, WIFI, Bluetooth, FM radio, UC Browser,Ebook, Email, Messaging, VPN Services, Google search, wallpapers,calendar, calculator, clock, tethering & portable hotspot, camera, torch, etc             
GPS:Yes, built in, support A-GPS and voice navigation
With EPO assistance to speed up postioning

ThL W5 Android Phone Package Including:
Size: 168 x 90 x 64mm
Weight: 421g

1 x ThL W5 Android Phone  
2 x 2000mAh Battery
1 x 3.5mm Earphone
1 x Data Cable
1 x Charger
1 x English User Manual
1 x Screen Protector

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Questions on ThL W5 Android 4.0 Smart Phone MTK6577 Dual core 4.7 Inch IPS Screen 1GB RAM 3G GPS White

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  • From Emrich at 1/21/13 1:43 AM
    • Hi, just to confirm that you can ship this item to Malta( European Union) with DHL and the shipping cost would be 19.28 Euro according to your check out estimate shipping. If this is the case how long will it approximately take to arrive to Malta? Thanks in advance
    • Dear Emrich ,
      hello world.Please check below answer:
      1.It depends on the quantity of goods, the shipping method, and the country.Use the website checkout to preview prices.
      2.Courier delivery (UPS, FedEx, DHL) takes 3-7 days depending on yourdestination.
      Thanks for your requirement.
      Any other question, contact us any time.
      Best regards!
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Customer Reviews

this phone will definitely help you Review by Debbie
Every app on the Android marketplace in compatible with it. I've only downloaded arcade-style games so far, but they run smoothly. The only one I've run into minor problems with is the Netflix app, which crashes every now and then. Not sure if that's a complication deriving from the phone or the app though.

It's 8 megapixel camera takes clean and clear shots, and the flash is amazing. (On a side note, the "Brightest Flashlight Free" app utilizes the light and works amazingly) However, you may have to occasionally retake your pictures as the camera sometimes has difficulty focusing.

The battery lasts all day with no issues. Even when using video apps it holds up longer than I'd expected.

My only real qualm is the keyboard. It's nothing detrimental to a purchasing decision, but you will have moments where letter selection is off. The auto-correct is pretty handy, but the ES button (switched you to Spanish) is right near the space button, so I accidentally switch to Spanish a lot, and thusly it auto-corrects in Spanish. Annoying. I've never been a fan of touchscreen keyboards to begin with.

You get unlimited talk, text, and data for $25 a month ($35 if you're a new subscriber). And this phone will definitely help you utilize that unlimited data package. Just be aware of mild keypad annoyances and the camera's stubborn focus. (Posted on 1/25/13)
it is just the best phone I have ever had Review by Joan
I got the phone on sale for $200 and it is just the best phone I have ever had, although I have not activated it yet (more on this later), at an awesome price. Why haven't I activated it yet? Well, it turns out, this android phone lets you install all kind of apps from the android market via wifi without activating the phone, this as a pretty awesome (and cheap) ipod/iphone substitute. I have installed apps for watching TV shows, read news (USA Today, NYTime, Bloomberg, etc), Pandora radio (sound through the speaker is very full for such a tiny device), GPS navigation/maps, calculators, MS Office documents viewer, a few games, GasBuddy to find cheap gas locally (pretty handy these days), etc. All FREE from the Android market. But, BY FAR, the best applications I installed are Google Voice, which together with SIPDroid (after signing up for a free GoogleVoice account and a free account) allows me to link them together and configure the phone to use VOIP to make my calls through the internet instead of using the limited 300 minutes, I can also use it to do unlimited free texting through my Google voice number.

I wanted to do this to make sure I did not go over the 300 minutes and start racking up a huge bill with VM once I activated the phone, but as it turns out, this has worked out so well that I am still undecided as to weather I will need to activate the phone and sign up for the monthly service. Granted, I can only make/receive calls when I am within WIFI range, but, WIFI is so prevalent these days. Many of the establishments a person does business with have free internet access for their customers: Starbucks, Dennys, Mcdonalds, Barnes&nobles, Homedepots, Panera bread, Hooters, highway rest stops, libraries, Krogers, Quiznos, Schlotzsky, FedEx offices, Hotels... the list goes on and on. I also installed a WIFI Analyzer App which shows if there is a free/open WIFI within range and its signal strength. You can get a nice directory of wifi spots in your area here-> [...] which of course does not list all the available ones.

What happens when I'm outside WIFI range? Well, of course I can not make calls, inbound calls go to my GoogleVoice voice mail and as soon as I get into WIFI range and connect, my inbound text messages get delivered and/or I get a notification of a missed call which I can check right away. Obviously not something I would want to use as a business phone, but for personal use when you do not need to be available 24X7 this works great! You also get a great excuse when you don't want to answer someone, later you can say... "Sorry, I was not in WIFI zone...", you can even put that in your answering message. This setup would be great for students who live on campus where they have free access to the campus WIFI network (many of them provide free open WIFI all over campus). All these for $0 a month plus the cost of the phone.

If you feel you need capability to make calls from anywhere in case of emergencies, or for 24X7 availability, then just activate the phone and pay the $25/month. You would get many other benefits which would make this device a very capable business phone. I've read that once activated, you can install an app to make the phone a WIFI hub for up to 4 or 5 devices (supposedly there is an app for that, :-) pun intended, in the android market). This would provide internet service to your WIFI based laptop anywhere. I will investigate this more if/when I activate the phone. I have to admit, it would be fun to be able to go on trips and have internet in the car for my kids ipod touches or laptops while we are on the road. The more they can entertain themselves, the less "are we there yet?, are we there yet?" questions we will get... :-)

Summarizing, if you activate the phone, you get unlimited texting, phone web browsing, tv watching, internet radio, etc. + unlimited internet based calls using the provided unlimited data service + internet for your computer/ipod touches anytime/anywhere. All these for $25/month? Sweeeet! I don't think any carrier can beat that, the closer unlimited everything plan is cricket for $55/month for an android or blackberry phone. ATT, Verizon, etc?
I hope you find this useful.

I spent away from the family working up North and they wanted 24X7 access... (great to be loved so much!). It is now even better. I have an app that shows how many minutes are left and when I'm getting close to using the 300 minutes, I can dial out using the internet and google voice through the data service from anywhere (where there is 3G signal). Came in handy to have Pandora on the phone when my car radio stopped working and it's great to be able to do everything I used to do only within WIFI range now everywhere. GPS worked great while I was traveling through the North East, except when cruising through the Adirondacks (no 3G service out in the sticks :-) ).
Virgin has raised the price of the plan to $35 a month for newcomers, (previous users are grandfathered in at the $25 rate) but even at $35, it still the best deal around as far as I know. Finally, Target has the phone on sale for $50 for the next two days... (Posted on 1/24/13)
I like Review by William
I've had this phone for almost 2 months and it hasn't disappointed at all. In fact, completely the opposite! It's a small phone, but I like that personally. What exactly are you doing? Personally, the phone works well for me. I multitask all the time: while biking I stream Pandora, track my location with MyTracks, and respond to the occasional text ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I stream music with Grooveshark in my car while navigating with GPS using Waze (awesome app btw).

if I get a phone that has those things, I'm locked into a 2 year contract for 3 or 4 times the monthly cost. If having a little better spec'd phone is important to you, go for the top of the liners! However, I'm techie, middle class guy that wants as much as I can get for as little as I can get it.

there are lesser "entry level" Android phones out there. You have to get into extremely remote places to lose reception, and those places will most likely be void of any cell coverage no matter the monthly cost barring satellite phones. Finally, maybe I'm lucky, but I just haven't experienced the shutting down and freezing problems others have. Sometimes this is a poorly designed app, NOT the phone or operating system. I've pulled the battery maybe 2 or 3 times total. I'll end this with a little math lesson. (Posted on 1/23/13)
I recommend this phone Review by Louis
As a newbie in the world of smart phones, I was pleasantly surprised. The feel of the phone is nice. The touch screen is wonderful. The volume is very good. The day pass to the web is $1.49 for 40MB of download at 3G speed. After that it's 2G. I don't need the web for business or any function other than occasional use, so the $1.49/3G/2G is fine with me. The call quality is very good.

I can see why people get hooked on smart phones. They are almost addictive. I can't seem to put mine down.

After I use the web, and other applications, and I think I have them closed, I see that my battery drains very fast. One of the many useful shortcuts I added to my home page is "Task Manager". I open this shortcut often and close all active applications. My battery lasts much longer.

I recommend this phone. (Posted on 1/22/13)
I know I bought 2 for reason. Trust me Review by John
I always thought that iPhone is top of the game - I mean, Apple products usually are, right?

Well, I was looking for a gift for my wife's birthday and I really didn't like price of unlocked iPhone. I'm not US citizen so I can't get it through contract, so my only option was to buy it for full price and lets be honest - it's greatly exaggerated. So, I opted to instead switch to Android phone.

It took me awhile to choose which phone to buy and in the end, Inspire won with it's easily affordable price. Seriously, you can buy 2 of these for a price of 1 iPhone! And that is actually what I did - I bought one, used it for a week .

Lets be honest, though - phone is not perfect. Yeah, battery could be stronger, software could be slightly more polished but in all honesty, this is a 5 star phone.


* HUGE screen! And with high resolution, wow!
* Easy to customize (software and hardware [i.e. stronger battery]). Take that, iPhone!
* PRICE! Did I mention that you can buy 2 of these for the price of 1 iPhone? Seriously? Steve, you've been awesome guy, may you rest in peace, but your products have been greatly overpriced.
* 8 MP camera! (not the best quality but surprisingly good)


* Software could be slightly better. It does have some weird stuff going on, but nothing to tarnish this phone's great rep.

For me, this is easy decision - this phone trumps anything else in the market when it comes to price/specs ratio. Yeah I know, everybody wants iPhone 4s etc, but seriously, they can't really offer you much more considering huge price gap between them and this phone.

I know I bought 2 for reason. Trust me. (Posted on 1/21/13)
you'll love this phone Review by Judy
It has a great battery life for my uses. I am not a phone gamer so the battery lasts about 10-12 hours with moderate, everyday use and taking pictures. With light use it lasts more than 24 hours, and with heavy use, like taking pictures all day long it dies in about 8 hours.
the Camera is perfect and it has quite a powerful flash.
If you are an android lover as I am you'll love this phone.
I have had it overheat a time or 2 while taking lots and lots of pictures for a long time. But even though it shuts itself down (to protect itself from heat damage) you can turn it on again and it boots up very very quickly (about 30 seconds).
It is lightening fast and can multi task, so you can switch between tasks quickly. (Posted on 1/19/13)
I love it Review by Rudy
I ordered my phone right before midnight on a Thursday, and as soon as I ordered, I realized I had a question. I emailed them and when I awoke Friday morning at 7, they had already responded. I received my phone that following Sunday morning. The phone was in perfect condition and I love it. They have awesome customer service and I will definately order any and all phones through them. (Posted on 1/18/13)