Then the THL W100 is taken for example.

Q: It is about how to change the ringing tone and other sounds.
A: At first, the "System Settings" on the soft menu on the phone should be turned to, then "Audio Profiles", then "General" in here where you can realize the changes of the ringing tone and reset your volumes. Providing that the "Meeting", "Outdoor" etc. are clicked upon, you can't change them AFAIK. As for the e-mail alerts, when the e-mail has been set up, each one should be visited and once again the soft menu. They can be changed there. All ringtones and notification sounds are on our SD card instead of SIM, which are stored in a folder called Notifications. It is the same with our wallpapers for the screen.

Q: What is the speed dial is not sure.
A: To get to Speed Dial:
Tap the Phone icon on the left bottom. It has to have the "dial pad" up.
Then tap the Menu Key which is the soft key on the phone. It will come up with speed dial. You can then set up which ever numbers you use on a regular basis. But when it is done and the number is tapped, it takes me back to the Contacts.

Q: GPS Problem
A: Go into Settings->Location Access-> press "GPS Satellites" (making sure they're "on")-> enable "GPS EPO assistance" and "A-GPS" then go into "EPO Settings" and click on "Auto download". Then everything is fixed. 
You can also look at these two articles "GPS FIX" and "How To Setup GPS On THL Mobile Phone"

Q: How to delete phone calls
A: First go to the phone symbol at the bottom left of the phone, and click on it.
Then at the top in the middle of the screen is a small clock. Click on it. Then go to the Menu button (the soft button on the phone itself). It will show two buttons, settings and delete. Click on delete and then just put a tick in the ones you want to delete and then when you are finished, click on the OK button at the top right.

Q: How can the downloaded ringtones from file be set as the phone ringtones?
A: It is better off making a directory on the sim card and something called "Notifications". Put your ring tones in there and when you go into settings to set it, it should pick it up. Go to Menu > System Settings > Audio Profiles > General > then tap the little arrows on the right. Here a lot of your ring tones can be set. in the past "Outdoor" is usually set on my older phones, but not this one. The e-mail notifications with a different sound can be set, so can your text messages. The free sounds on the Internet can be searched for and what is pleasurable can be selected to the content.

O: Is there a way to put a pic next to different contacts?
A: Then Contacts > then click on the contact you want to add the photo to. But click on the name not the opaqued outline of a person. When the contact comes up, go to the menu at the bottom left of the screen and tap it. Go to "edit" and click onto the opaque photo on the right. The next screen says "Take Photo" or "Choose Photo from Caller". Then select which ever one you want. Probably the Take Photo if you took the photo with the phone.

What works:
- charging indication
- events notification indication
- correct processing of system requests (like LED flashing)
Known bugs:
If the phone is being charged at the moment of event notification, then when it is noticed that the LED is going off, therefore the charging status can not be seen any more. The only thing to nake LED to show the charging state is to re-plug the cable.

Those firmwares where LED is not blinking this issue not appears for.

A: Two INSTALLATION methods:

NOTE: Phone must be rooted.
1. Using CWM recovery copy the archive to SD card root, reboot to CWM recovery and use "install zip from sdcard", then follow installation and reboot the phone.
2. Manually unpack the archive, find "" file, copy it to the phone to "/system/lib/hw" (NOTE: make a backup copy of original file), then set permissions as rw-r--r-- and owner as root:root. Reboot the device.

Q: How can the volume of the audio calls can be improved when the phone call is coming?
A: Increase the volume on the headphones:
1. Enter the engineering menu:
Two. Select Audio> Headset mode.
Three. Leave selected Type -> Sip

Values are changed:
Max Vol - 160
And here I put values ??from 0 to 255 with equal intervals for each level:
Level 0-0
Level 1-43
Level 2-85
Level 3-128
Level 4-171
Level 5-215
Level 6-255

Raise the speaker volume:
1. Enter *#15963#* engineering menu:
Two. Select Audio> Loudspeaker mode
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